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DexaFit is your personal fitness lab to discover the tiny clues that uncover huge health & fitness trends.

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  • Set meaningful health and training goals.
  • Visualize & recieve feedback on your progress over time.
  • Optimize your training and diet plan to reach your goals.
  • Identify long-term health risks with medical-grade accuracy.
  • Accurately measure your body fat, muscle mass, and bone density measurements.
  • Establish your baseline health and fitness level.

DXA Body Composition

Supercharge your motivation and know the exact location & percentage of fat, bone and lean muscle throughout your body.

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"This place is fantastic! The scan provides a detailed and precise reading of body fat, bone density and measurements (via the 3D scan)..."

Ken A.

Menlo Park, CA

"I cannot say enough about Dexafit. If you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply aiming to lead a more healthy lifestyle then book an appointment for a complete body scan..."

Heather N.

San Francisco, CA

"I HIGHLY recommend ANYONE going in and getting scanned. There is so much information you get from this and you can use it to live healthier and happier without guess work..."

Tori B.

San Francisco, CA

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Fit3D Body Scan

Track vital health metrics & get precise before and after visuals of your progress. A 360 degree image of you.

VO2 Fitness Test

Pinpoint your precise cardio fitness level, discover your fat burning zones and learn how to exercise more effectively.

Genetic Fitness Testing

Check 40+ genes related to fitness, health and nutrition. See how to optimize your plan to your genetics.

Microbiome Testing

Explore your gut health. Understand how it influences your mood, behavior and immunity.

Blood Panel Test

Analyze key biomarkers for optimal health, longevity and performance.

Cloud Fitness Tracking

Visualize your progress any device with our simple and secure platform. Compare yourself to others easily.

RMR Metabolic Health Test

Discover your RMR & how to lose fat, build muscle and feel better.

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